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The practice of setting aside and non-recognition of foreign arbitral awards in Vietnam

International arbitration has never captured more attention in Vietnam than it has these days. The soaring number of arbitration cases has ironically brought about an escalation of courts’ decisions to set aside domestic arbitral awards or refuse to recognize foreign arbitral awards.1 Courts often rely on the grounds, with broad interpretation, of violation of fundamental principles of Vietnamese law or irregularities in arbitral proceedings to arrive at these decisions. Meanwhile, the enforceability of arbitral award is one of the features intended to make arbitration attractive to parties to international disputes. Despite being a Contracting Party to the New York Convention (“Convention”), Vietnam has not been completely faithful to its spirit. Many conflicts still exist between Vietnam’s practice on one hand and the Convention and international practice on the other hand. These conflicts are conveyed through the vague fundamental principles of Vietnamese law, courts’ harsh examination of the arbitral award and unwillingness to allow correction of the grounds, and unavailability of a judicial review for the procedure of setting aside of arbitral awards.

Trích: The Practice of Setting aside and non-recognition of foreign arbitral awards in Vietnam is neither consistent with the New York Convention nor with International Practice) - "Cuộc thi viết VIArb 2021" - Viện Trọng Tài Quốc Tế Việt Nam

Tác giả: Vũ Trung Nguyên


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